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Whether it's anxiety and stress or the desire to be the best at your game, Capital Mental Performance is here to help you set, manage, and achieve all of your goals!

"You owe it to yourself to be the
best you can possibly be."

Founded by Caitlin Haworth, Capital Mental Performance LLC is aimed at guiding athletes, exercisers, and performers toward goal achievement and personal success. Caitlin is a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology with close to a decade of experience working with youth, collegiate, and pro athletes as well as years of experience teaching and supervising students entering the field. At Capital, we believe in the power of human connection and strive to build strong relationships based in humanistic principles. Every student, athlete, coach, or performer is a human first. 

Mental Performance is the evidence-based practice of enhancing performance through the exploration and implementation of psychological skills and concepts. Performers with strong mental skills are often more confident, less stressed, and perform more consistently within their field. Topics covered can range from achievement identity, and self-awareness to attentional focus, reframing, and productive thought restructuring. Working with a Mental Performance Coach consists of learning and experimenting with mental skills such as visualization, breathing techniques, and self-talk to increase confidence, awareness, and self-regulation. Be prepared to reflect on past performances, explore motivations for participation, and set high quality goals. Step up your game with a FREE consultation today!

Capital Mental Performance is here to help you be your best in all aspects of life! All services include a FREE consultation before payment and scheduling. Contact us for more details!

in-person large group mental performance presentations

Sport Psychology Professional
Development Program

This 4-week virtual program is perfect for aspiring sport psychology students and mental performance practitioners. Learn about various sport psychology career paths and graduate programs, meet other professionals, and gain skills necessary for a successful career in collegiate and professional sport!

in-person small group mental performance presentation

CMPC Mentorship

Looking for CMPC mentor hours? Now offering personalized mentored hours including direct knowledge of service hours for graduate students seeking certification. This virtual mentorship includes personalized reflection, development, and skill building for young practitioners.

in-person on the field mental coaching


Individualized athlete consultations are available for any athlete looking to improve sport performance. A minimum of 3 sessions required, these consultations will explore various perspectives to sport performance through discussion, activities, and assessments to increase sport confidence, motivation, and overall enjoyment.

in-person, in-game mental performance coaching


Aimed at coaches interested in incorporating mental and physical practices, these consultations will provide hands-on advice, activities and assessments for enhancing player performance. Driven by relevant research in sport psychology and coaching, these sessions are sure to recharge any coaching staff.

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